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Seismic and Technical Data Licensing Agreements in Texas

The Law Office of C. William Smalling, P.C. June 26, 2018

Seismic surveys are used to produce detailed images of different rock types and their locations beneath the surface. These types of surveys are typically used by oil and gas companies to determine the location and size of oil and gas reservoirs. The process involves bouncing and recording sound waves off of underground rock formations. By analyzing the time that the waves take to return to the surface, surveyors are able to glean valuable information about rock types and the availability of gases or fluids underground. Below is an overview of the agreements used to facilitate this process in Texas.

Seismic Data Acquisition

Oil and gas companies typically acquire seismic data in the following ways:

  • Through their own geophysical survey or seismic shoot;

  • In participation with a group of other oil or gas exploration companies; or

  • From its owner via purchase, license, or another arrangement.

And regardless of how this data is acquired, an important consideration is the maintenance of confidentiality. Seismic data’s value often lies in its confidentiality, and the advantage of owning it or licensing such information is diminished otherwise.

Master and Supplemental Agreements

Oil and gas exploration companies often contract with other companies to conduct work on their behalf, and this ordinarily involves the signing of:

  1. A master geophysical services agreement – This type of agreement contains general terms, conditions, and a general statement of the nature of the work to be performed by the contracting company.

  2. A supplemental agreement – This type of agreement addresses each survey to be conducted, including the specifics of each survey.

An important consideration that must be addressed early is whether the survey will be performed for a flat fee (“a turnkey contract”), on a day work basis, or by some other basis. Turnkey contracts in which the exploration company agrees to pay the contractor a certain rate per square mile of data tend to be the most common in situations involving the collection of seismic data.

Texas Oil and Gas Attorney

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