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Immunity Under the Texas Environmental, Health, and Safety Audit Privilege Act

The Law Office of C. William Smalling, P.C. May 27, 2019

Under the Texas Environmental, Health, and Safety Audit Privilege Act (“the Act”), those entities who conduct voluntary health, environmental, and safety audits of regulated facilities and operations are entitled to immunity from penalties for violations that are discovered, disclosed, and corrected within a specified amount of time. Below is some additional information about immunity under the Act.

Voluntary Disclosure of Violations 

In order for an entity to receive immunity, a disclosure must be voluntary and preceded by a notice of audit. A disclosure is considered voluntary if the following conditions are met:

  • The disclosure was made soon after the violation was discovered

  • The disclosure was submitted in writing 

  • The disclosure was made prior to the initiation of an independent investigation 

  • The violation was disclosed as the result of a voluntary audit

  • Efforts to correct the violation are initiated by an entity within a reasonable amount of time of the disclosure

  • The disclosing entity cooperates during the investigation of the issues identified

  • The disclosed violation hasn't caused injury or an imminent risk of injury

  • The disclosure isn't required by an enforcement decree or order 

    And when a violation is discovered during an audit that was conducted prior to an acquisition closing date, the person making the disclosure must certify the following:

  • Before the closing date, he or she wasn't responsible for compliance at the regulated entity

  • Before the closing date, he or she didn't have the largest ownership share of the seller

  • Before the closing date, he or she and the seller didn't have a common corporate parent 


Immunity does not apply under any of the following circumstances:

  • The disclosed violation was committed intentionally or knowingly 

  • The disclosed violation was committed recklessly

  • The disclosed violation resulted in a significant economic benefit that gave the violator an advantage over its competitors

  • An administrative law judge or court finds that the person or entity claiming immunity has continuously committed significant violations and hasn't tried to bring the facility into compliance

Texas Environmental Law Attorneys 

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