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How Texas's Oil and Gas Industries Assist with Hurricane Preparedness

The Law Office of C. William Smalling, P.C. Oct. 7, 2019

Following natural disasters, people, organizations, and industries often come forward to assist with relief efforts. Texas’s oil and gas industries are no exception. In fact, over the last several years, these industries have assisted greatly with hurricane readiness, response, and relief. Below is an overview of the ways in which Texas’s oil and gas industries assist with hurricane preparedness. 

Hurricane Readiness 

The oil and natural gas industries have historically devised preparedness plans to protect the public, the environment, and the state’s fuel supply from natural disasters. These plans are the result of years of post-storm assessments in which the oil and gas industries examined disaster response performances and devised ways to improve them. Today, when a major hurricane approaches the state, pipeline workers, refinery workers, and fuel suppliers work day and night to ensure that the state’s fuel supply remains available for first responders and drivers fleeing the area. And depending on how strong the storm is, some refineries shut down operations in advance to ensure the safety of workers and communities. In addition, certain refinery employees remain at their facilities during storms in order to bring operations back online as soon as possible. 

Hurricane Response 

In addition to the important work the gas and oil industries do at facilities to prepare for hurricanes, these industries also play a key part in responding to natural disasters. Following a hurricane, these industries collaborate with entities in the public and private sectors to safeguard communities, the state’s energy infrastructure, and the Texas fuel distribution system. This ongoing coordination and communication ensure that the oil and natural gas industries and public sector partners are all on the same page both during and after a hurricane. 

Hurricane Relief

The Texas oil and gas industries also assist with hurricane relief efforts. For example, following Hurricane Harvey, which was the biggest and most expensive natural disaster in Texas history, oil and gas industries were imperative in getting families, businesses, and communities back on track. These industries contributed tens of millions of dollars to support this relief effort. In addition, gas and oil industry employees made personal sacrifices to help support their neighbors and communities. 

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