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Here's How Companies Should Approach Environmental Audits in Texas

The Law Office of C. William Smalling, P.C. Sept. 11, 2019

Companies perform environmental audits to identify, assess, and fix issues that may be in violation of state and federal environmental law. In many cases, state and federal laws exempt companies from penalties assessed for violations discovered during voluntary audits. The policy behind such exemptions is to encourage companies to voluntarily seek out and fix issues without fear of penalty. However, before you conduct an environmental audit in Texas, please review the following tips, and contact a Texas environmental law attorney as soon as possible for assistance. 

Define Your Goals

Before you begin your audit, you need to define your goals. In most cases, you should always clearly determine what it is you're looking for in your audit. This helps make things easier when it's time to report and address any issues that you discover. 

Be Prepared to Address Issues Uncovered During the Audit

Before undertaking an audit, you must be ready to address any issues that you uncover. You must be willing to do whatever is required to remedy issues uncovered during the audit. In fact, if you fail to address any issues that you discover, you may face legal consequences.

Be Prepared to Report Issues Uncovered During the Audit

In addition to addressing problems that you uncover during your environmental audit, you must be willing to self-report what you find to the proper authorities. In addition, as mentioned above, companies that self-report violations are usually exempt from penalties. Therefore, it is almost always in your best interest to report what you find. 

Hire a Texas Environmental Law Attorney for Help with The Audit

Before taking any action, it is advisable that you consult with a Texas environmental law attorney. An experienced Texas environmental law attorney will advise your of the pros and cons associated with your environmental audit and ensure that you are prepared for the audit itself and the reporting of any violations you discover. 

Texas Environmental Law Attorneys

If you or your company require legal guidance on environmental audits in Texas, then you need an experienced Texas attorney like C. William Smalling on your side. C. William Smalling, with a background in engineering, is highly experienced in environmental audits and understands both the technical and legal aspects of situations affecting corporations in the oil, gas, and energy industries.

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